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Dr. Thomas Molnar

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Rutgers University
Department of Plant Biology & Pathology
Foran Hall/ Cook Campus
59 Dudley Rd.
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Office: Room 164 Foran Hall, 848-932-6330
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Research Interests

My research program concentrates on the genetic improvement and study of hazelnuts (Corylus) and large-bracted dogwoods (Cornus), and to a lesser extent, several other woody ornamental species. Part of this work includes wide germplasm exploration, collection, and evaluation. A major aspect of our current research is developing and characterizing genetic resistance to eastern filbert blight, a disease which is the primary limiting factor of hazelnut culture in the eastern U.S. Our breeding objectives in both woody ornamentals and nut crops emphasize selection for high levels of disease and pest resistance and cold hardiness.

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  1. Plant Propagation (11:776:310) - undergraduate course

    Objective of Course: Emphasis is placed on not only learning the techniques involved with the many aspects of modern plant propagation but also the science behind the methods. Students will acquire hands-on experience in the art and science of grafting, budding, rooting of cuttings, seedage, layering, tissue culture/micropropagation, propagation medias, greenhouse environmental control, general plant care, and greenhouse management. By learning the science behind the methods, students will develop a better understanding of why certain propagation methods were successful and why some were not. This will allow students to be better able to solve problems that arise during the propagation and growing of plants.

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Dr. Thomas Molnar joined the department in 2004 and was promoted to assistant professor in 2008.